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Die Sache mit den Strümpfen

Nur eine kleine Randnotiz.

Steve: There are three things all men should know, and it’s time you did too. You’re never going to be famous, you’re fatter than you think, and, most important of all, they don’t keep wearing stockings.
Jeff: Julia always wears stockings. No, really! She’s always worn them. She always will. She told me.
[Steve and Patrick chuckle]
Jeff: In fact, Julia told me she…
Steve & Patrick: [finishing with him] …prefers wearing stockings.
Jeff: What?
Steve: Stockings aren’t real, Jeff. They’re a myth.
Jeff: Stockings are real. I’ve seen ‘em.
Steve: Oh, sure there are SOME stockings out there, but… there’s… what? Ten pairs in the whole world?
Patrick: Ten, at most.
Steve: Ten pairs for all the women in the world. They share ‘em out. [Speaking in a woman’s voice] Oh, Julia! Y’got a new boyfriend? Your turn with the stockings then, but we’ll need them back on Tuesday. There’s an anniversary in New Zealand.
Jeff:Next Tuesday?
Steve: The stockings will go, Jeff. They’ll just melt away.

aus: Coupling, Season 2 – Episode 9: The End of the Line